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From napkin sketch — to the final curtain call

“I want to thank you again for making our event a huge success! Everything was perfect and so professional. Sound was great, visuals were great, the screen was epic, and you were awesome!”

Kristen P.
Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization

What we do

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the live event space these days. Schedules are tightening even as expectations continue to rise. With decades of experience, Big Pixel Ranch will be your steady guide throughout the process.

Our people are passionate and talented. We excel at translating your team’s ideas and messaging into a world-class live event. Whether you prefer to work inside or outside the box, we’re here to lean on every step along the way.

In Big Pixel Ranch, you will find a trusted partner with the right mix of solutions and know-how to create an unforgettable live experience!



  • Project management

    Your team will appreciate our well-defined process and clear milestones.

  • External coordination

    Coordinate venue requirements, third-party vendors, fire codes, permits, insurance and licensing.

  • Trusted advisor

    Throughout the journey we will be a sounding board to inform and guide your decisions in all aspects of the project.

  • Easy to work with

    Friendly and knowledgeable, our team is here to make this project smooth, efficient and fun.


  • Concept development

    The look, feel and vibe of your event.

  • Storyboard

    We use renders, drawings and animations so you and your stakeholders can better visualize your event.

  • Content creation

    Includes slides, motion graphics, video, sound design and scenic treatments.

  • Amplify your message

    We’ll pull it all together using transitions, color, texture and movement.


  • Logistics

    Tight schedules, complicated load-ins and challenging venues. We have the resources to move crew and equipment to your show.

  • Show technology

    Top tier, industry standard and proven equipment and solutions. No “we-think-this-will-work” hacks here.

  • Professional Operators

    Our crew are seasoned professionals – High performing with great attitudes and temperament.

  • Real-time Adjustments

    Experience counts. Our show runners can pivot in real-time when last minute changes occur.


How it works

  1. 1


    Every project begins with questions. Lots of questions. Our goal is to understand your objectives, expectations and vision so we can help others do the same. From these inputs comes a roadmap that identifies milestones and scope. This sets the guard rails for the project.

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  3. 2


    We’ll work with your team to develop concepts for your event, producing renders, drawings and animations so you can better visualize your show. Together, we’ll create content and write the scripts. We’ll punch-up presentations and pull it all together with transitions, color, texture and movement.

  4. 3


    When the plans are planned and the creatives created, we still need to produce. With an artist’s precision, our show runners bring together this amazing balance of people, technology, creative vision and purpose. The result is a seamless experience that amplifies your message and culture.


Our Toolbox

A Warehouse Full of Awesome





Your message. Delivered.

When people, creativity and technology come together it can be magical. We handcraft an event that delivers your message—your story—in a way that people won’t forget.

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Much of our work is custom, so it would be impossible to list everything we do.

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